SHIFT4IT, Shifting the paradigm for women in IT sector

Resultados do projeto

While the world of work continually goes through changes and experiences challenges and turmoil, one thing stays constant and will remain so in the future: digital skills are a prerequisite of successful employment and work.

Only people with developed digital skills, flexibility and adaptability can count on being competitive in the market and find jobs. What is more, while many professions today face problems and challenges in the increasingly digitalized world, the ICT sector is the one that is ever-expanding, continually needing new talents and workforce with specific skills and flexible in their career paths.

The project Shifting the paradigm for women in IT sector will thus address the issue of youth employability by offering young people, more precisely, 80 young women, mostly with degrees in social sciences and humanities from 4 European countries, a comprehensive and relevant training to help them enter the dynamic, ever-expanding IT job market as IT project managers.


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