SPINTeams, the “Would-be Entrepreneur” training course is online

SPINTeams – University Spin-offs Alliance – Erasmusplus project has finally published the first results on its website. The “Would-be Entrepreneur” training course is online and available with materials and videos to follow the 3 modules:

  • The 1st Module
    The webinar on “Developing Personal Entrepreneurial competencies”. The overall aim is that the participating students get a better awareness of entrepreneurship and it´s challenges and opportunities.
    The webinar is led by Susanne Kamsker and Nina-Nike Velander.
  • The 2nd Module
    The webinar on “Developing the business idea, how to form the business plan”. It covers 2 different topics, each of them is aimed to increase the level of knowledge and competencies in specific subjects.1- Developing the business idea, how to form the business plan to give the students the basic knowledge what are the first steps in order to develop a business idea and to form it into the business plan;
    2 – Partners and partnership to provide participants with basic knowledge for developing a partnership.
    The webinar is led by Ieva Bruksle and Jānis Lielpēteris.
  • The 3rd Module
    The webinar on “Marketing Innovation” to help in guiding entrepreneurs through the process of creating a marketing plan. The goal is to give participants the general scope they need to develop a marketing plan for their business project in a confident and detailed way.
    ​The webinar is led by Silvia Bravo.


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