European Grants International Academy Srl verfügt über langjährige Erfahrung im Aufbau und in der Koordinierung strategischer Partnerschaften für die Durchführung von Projekten, die mit öffentlichen und privaten Mitteln finanziert werden. EGInA arbeitet mit einem Team von Projektmanager:innen zusammen, die Erfahrung in der Verwaltung und Berichterstattung von strukturellen und zentralisierten Fonds der Europäischen Kommission haben und über einen akademisch-professionellen Hintergrund in den Bereichen allgemeine und berufliche Bildung, digitale Innovation mit sozialen Auswirkungen, Aufwertung des kulturellen Erbes und nachhaltige Entwicklung verfügen.


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EDIFY_EDU, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion For improving the qualitY of Management EDUcation

The project addresses the skills gap in the sector of Management education with regards to competencies on equality, diversity, and inclusion (from now on EDI),

BLISS, Boosting health LIteracy for School Students

BLISS – Boosting health LIteracy for School Students – KA220-SCH – is a two-year cooperation project in the field of school education. BLISS aims to

AI4AL, Artificial Intelligence 4 Adult Learning

AI-based solutions can transform adult learning provision by leading to improved skills assessment and tailor-made learning opportunities. The overall goal of AI4AL is to facilitate a mindful

ECOLitAct, Eco-Literacy and Green Education for Climate Action

Eco-Literacy and Green Education for Climate Action, shortened to ECOLitAct, is a 30-months Erasmus-funded project aiming to develop an innovative, inclusive, self-paced and adaptable approach

Sharing Design Your Job

The Sharing Design Your Job is an Eramus+ project that aims to enhance developed ICT educational programs and create complementarity with the needs of the

Happy School, school favourable to mental health

Happy School – school favourable to mental health – is a KA220 Erasmusplus project focused on mental health at school. The COVID-19 crisis has caused

Urban Youth Gardens

The Erasmus plus project “Urban Youth Gardens” was born to bring young people closer to nature. All countries making up this project, are experiencing extensive

Innovation Station, a new approach towards online and blended education

The education system is not open to change due to the lack of time and space for teachers to experiment with new styles and methods,

IQ-DigitS, Interoperability of Qualifications –by building Sustainable Digital credentials Infrastructure

In an increasingly globalized society, there is a need for vocational and adult education policies to be adjusted and internationalized accordingly. Erasmus+KA2 project IQ-digitS has

Good DEEDs, Digital Energy Efficiency Designers

The European Good DEEDS Challenge was created to generate 3 long-term positive effects: To bring the attention of a large audience to the issue of