About Us

EGInA – European Grants International Academy – has been founded in 2012 in Foligno, in the green heart of Italy, thanks to Fabiola Acciarri’s experience in the training field and Altheo Valentini’s passion for innovation and social change. The agency, accredited by the Umbria Region for vocational training and certification of competences, represents today one of the main stakeholders in the field of local, national, and European initiatives design and implementation, relying on the cooperation of numerous experts in the fields of education, social innovation, cultural heritage and digital transformation.


EGInA’s strenght lies in the passion and professionalism of the people daily working together in a stimulating, multidisciplinary, international environment always open to new ideas and worldviews.

Altheo Founder & general manager
Fabiola Financial manager & counselor
Paolo President CLF4D & social innovator
Giorgia Project manager & CLF4D coordinator
Silvia F. Project & WBL officer CLF4D
Jonatas Graphic designer & AR-VR developer CLF4D
Elena Project & WBL officer CLF4D
Isabella Administrative & quality manager
Alessia Administrative officer
Chiara Project manager & trainer
Elisabetta Project manager
Valentina Project manager
Giulia Project manager
Mario Researcher & tutor
Roberto Transnational mobility officer
Alessio Transnational mobility coordinator
Bianca Project manager & trainer
Gabriele Transnational mobility officer
Giulia Transnational mobility officer
Luca Project officer
Laura Project design manager
Nadine Project design officer
Giorgia Marcato Project design officer
Lucrezia Project design officer
Ylenia Communication & marketing manager
Cristiano Web & graphic designer
Andrea Visual & graphic designer

Work with us

If you have skills and/or experience in business management, training, design, digital content creation, communication, social innovation, you could be part of EGInA’s team. Send us your CV through the Contact section and tell us why and how you would like to collaborate. In addition, at EGInA we regularly and enthusiastically host interns from all over Europe.