All Digital, new elections and challenges for the next two years

On 19 April 2023 new elections were held for the renewal of the All Digital Board, a Brussels-based association representing member organisations across Europe working with 25,000 digital competence centres.

Altheo Valentini – General Manager of EGInA, reconfirmed for the second consecutive year as Chair of the Board – said:

“The re-election, the confirmation of all Board members and my own presidency have been a pleasure not only because they give All Digital the opportunity to continue to successfully implement the activities put in place over the past two years, but also because the new challenges – such as the increase in membership, responsibilities and roles All Digital plays in Europe for digital skills development – will be faced with awareness, passion and a united vision which will enable us to reach the desired goals”.

Below is the new All Digital Board for the 2023-2025 term:

Altheo Valentini, EGInA Srlr (Chair)
Nenja Wolbers, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Vice Chair)
Laurentiu Bunescu, EOS Romania
Žarko Čižmar, Telecentar
Achilles Kameas, DAISSy Research Group of Hellenic Open University
Marianna Marcucci, Invasioni Digitali
Joel Ferrer Puig, Fundación Esplai
Veronique De Leener, Maks vzw
Iva Walterova, EPMA

Photo Credits: All Digital

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