iYouth: Empowering Europe’s Young Innovators – the desire to innovate

Résultats du projet

The Commission calls upon European initiatives to carry out considerable experimentation in the field of fostering innovation interest, engagement and capacity among students in early schooling.

The iYouth project forms part of this Agenda through its contributions to the exploration of how to, in practice, foster innovation interest, engagement and capacity in secondary school.
The project creates and shares guidelines, documentation and knowledge produced through the project’s intensive experimentation, and with a special focus on the substantial co-driving and co-creation from the involved student teams from five different European countries.

The project produces its results by taking the student teams (mixed aged teams, 12-15 years old) through four progressive 6 months phases of innovation engagement:

  • Go Innovate! 1 – LOCAL
  • Go Innovate! 2 – SHARING
  • Go Innovate! 3 – COLLABORATIVE
  • Go Innovate! MAX – CO-CREATIVE