SHIFT4IT: Launch of the Project to Transform the Role of Women in the IT Sector!

The IT sector is among the fastest-growing industries globally, and jobs in the fields of computing and information technology are continually in demand in the labor market. However, at the same time, the IT sector faces a shortage of specialists in various fields. The demand for IT experts in the labor market represents an opportunity for young people preparing to enter the workforce, especially for women, who are the least represented in STEM fields.

The SHIFT4IT project (Shifting the Paradigm for Women in the IT Sector) was designed to address the issue of the underrepresentation of women in the IT industry.

The project will develop training programs for 80 women with degrees in humanities and social sciences who wish to become project managers in the IT sector. Through this training, young women will develop skills in understanding programming terminology, leading teams of developers, and communicating with clients or users.

EGInA will collaborate with the Center of Technical Culture Rijeka, the Porin Development Agency in Rijeka, Confapi-Terni, Interface3, a continuous training center based in Belgium, and Fondazione EOS, a non-profit organization from Romania. Thanks to this project, the aim is to create a positive impact in four EU countries and ensure greater employability for women.

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