AMeLiE project, advanced literacy that counteracts hate words online

The speed in publishing content and the speed of communication between people online, bring out the problem of the spread and popularity of the hate-speech phenomenon, which can be translated into “words of hate” on the internet. The Erasmus + KA2 project called AMeLiE – Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate speech – was born from the idea of ​​promoting and providing innovative tools for education, to have a widespread and participatory methodology and new generations of teachers trained to actively involve the youngest in this common goal.

The objectives of the project intend to develop through the use of innovative practices in the digital age, moving on to the theme of social inclusion. The virtual world, the internet, social media, are also communities and as such should not be excluded from this common effort to promote a society that can be more tolerant, fairer and more respectful. This is why AMeLiE addresses the issue of hate speech online, which has become particularly evident thanks to its current spread and popularity on social media, that is, where young people have easier access.

How does the project intend to develop?

The training of teachers and representatives of school communities (school principals, digital operators, but also family representatives) on the specific methodology proposed, which foresees, in line with the next Digital Europe program, to take a step forward also in the field of citizenship digital, going beyond basic computer skills and focusing on the formation of advanced media literacy skills for those in educational roles.

The AMeLiE methodology is based on the use and further development of already existing and tested good practices and is based on the principle of co-construction of the training path by learners at all levels, from trainers, to teachers, from parents. to the students. The positive effect will be that of having created a community that will not have passively learned techniques and tools, but will be an active engine for proposals and solutions that come from below, in a constant process of exchange and sharing.

The European partners involved are EGInA Srl (Italy), Parole Ostili (non-profit association born in Trieste), Fundatia EOS – Educating for an Open Society Romania (non-profit organization born in Romania), ALL DIGITAL (organization based in Brussels which supports thousands of digital centres in Europe), Hellenic Open University (Greek University based in Patras) and Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Non-profit association based in Germany).

The partnership is made up of expert and homogeneously qualified subjects to guarantee the development and implementation of the project that allows its adequate and constant promotion, involving the target group of reference and all descendants and those who could indirectly benefit from the applied methodology.


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