NEB VET Label, New European Bauhaus Label for VET


Utilising the New European Bauhaus (NEB) Compass as a foundation and starting point, we will create and implement a comprehensive and homogeneous framework to assess existing vocational and educational (VET) centres practices. The assessment will have a set of criteria based on sustainability, togheterness, beautyness and NEB working principles to assess the quality of VET providers.

VET centres will thus receive a NEB VET Label to showcase their commitment to European Union’s vision of core NEB values and working principles. Thanks to the project, VET center will also be provided with a guidebook with set recommendations to strengthen their practices according to NEB Initiative. Last but not least, by creating a network of NEB VET ambassadors and organising an NEB competition for students, the project also encourages international cooperation and knowledge exchange among VET providers and VET students across different countries.


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