Erasmus+, some schools based in Umbria will go to Japan

In April 2024, thanks to the support of the European programme for education, training, youth and sport Erasmus+, some schools based in Umbria, will go to Japan.

An Umbrian delegation of five headmasters and teachers at High Schools will visit the “Land of the Rising Sun”, both for job-shadowing experiences and technical visits, at peer schools, with which to make agreements for future exchanges of teachers and students.

From 13 to 29 April 2024 the delegation, together with EGInAaccredited by the Umbria Region for vocational training and certification of competences – has a very long experience in the field of transnational mobility. It is also accredited by the Erasmus+ National Agency INAPP – with a more than 15 schools consortium.

Since the beginning of the opportunities offered by the new Erasmus+ programme 2020-2027, EGInA has worked a lot to apply them. Based on the new rules, some of the students and teachers applying for mobility to have an Erasmus+ experience at companies or educational institutions in non-European countries.

Thus far, educational trips to Japan, Vietnam and Jamaica are underway.

In the 2023-2024 school year, it was deemed strategic to involve the consortium’s institutes that already offer or are interested in launching Japanese language and culture courses, in collaboration with the University for Foreigners of Perugia, which will be present thanks to Professor Takeshi Tojo and is composed of:

Already many Japanese institutes have expressed interest in hosting the Italian delegation:

  • Maniwa High School e Katsuyama High School a Maniwa
  • Hatsukaichi Nishi High School a Miyajima-Hiroshima
  • Kyoto Institute of Technology
  • Komazawa Junior High School a Yokoama
  • Municipal Urawa High School a Saitama
  • High School di Shibukawa (Località gemellata con il Comune di Foligno)
  • Kanto International Senior High School e la University of Tokyo a Tokyo

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