Cultour+, Innovation and Capacity Building in Higher Education for Cultural Management, Hospitality and Sustainable Tourism in European Cultural Routes

Résultats du projet

European cultural routes and heritage represent a resource for innovation, creativity, small business creation, and cultural tourism products and services development.
The promotion of cultural tourism is a logical next step in developing Cultural Routes since this type of tourism builds on the uniqueness and authenticity of remote destinations, local knowledge, skills, traditions and heritage.
Cultour+ is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education, with the mission of coaching and fostering innovative and creative business ideas in cultural management for pilgrimage and religious cultural and thermal tourism (lodgement services, guiding services, museums, complementary activities to pilgrimage and thermal experiences, souvenirs designing, etc.). The project support committed entrepreneurs to foster and coach their ideas and offered high-quality university training and education to boost their business ideas and professional expertise.