SPINTeams, University Spin-offs Alliance

Resultados do projeto

University Spin-offs Alliance: From the idea to the market through mentoring and transnational entrepreneurial teams.
SPINTeams aims at improving the entrepreneurial and business skills of the would-be entrepreneurs at partner HEIs, as well as their current and future Spin-offs and Startups, to achieve more, more sustainable and growing businesses. The project will act with a bottom-up approach acting twofold: impacting on the practitioners and on the HEIs.

To achieve this, the consortium will deliver the following products:

  • A collection of training webinars for creating the role of “Entrepreneurship Coaches” at partners HEIs “.
  • A complete training course for improving entrepreneurial and business skills focused on advanced students, PhD students and researchers (the would-be entrepreneurs or the spin-off/start-ups founders)
  • A handbook “Building entrepreneurial support ecosystems for HEIs”
  • A guide “Mentoring and peer learning methods for new entrepreneurs’ support”
  • Managing an International cooperation platform to foster international cooperation, teamwork, networking and mentoring.


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