Happy School, school favourable to mental health


Happy School – school favourable to mental health – is a KA220 Erasmusplus project focused on mental health at school.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused unprecedented changes in children and adolescence.
Children and adolescents face now-massive changes in their daily lives, including home confinement and social distancing rules, which can burden them substantially. Furthermore, violence against children is reported to have increased under home confinement, leaving children at risk of abuse and trauma (Thomas EY, Anurudran A, Robb K, Burke TF (2020).
School closures caused additional stress for children who missed the social contact and structure that school provides.
The main goal of HAPPY SCHOOL is to equip schools with the innovative tool – self-assessment model. The tool will enable evaluating different domains and factors influencing youth and employees’ mental health and well-being and applying specific techniques to resolve the issues on different levels: management, classroom climate and learning environment.
As main results within the project will be produced self-assessment model development, testing and validation, including preparatory research on mental health and well being in schools and Online Community Platform, including Educational change framework for schools. Their development processes will be supported by European training activities that will provide helpful inputs to partners for the work they will have to carry on the national level in the validation of what proposed at the European level.


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