Join the ALL DIGITAL Summit

The 14th ALL DIGITAL Summit will be held online on 13-15 October 2021 and explore Digital Skills and Tools for a Better World. The three days of the event will in turn focus on the three digital empowerment themes: citizens and competence centres; STE(A)M educators; and young people.

The connecting aspect between these themes is solving real-world and societal problems through digital tools and approaches. The underlying aim of the event is to increase the capacity, readiness and resilience of digital competence centres.

In addition to keynotes and panel discussions, the event will introduce a number of projects to the audience and go into varying levels of detail about a range of tools and approaches for different purposes and different audiences under these themes.

Event narrative

Citizens across Europe and the world have been challenged like never before to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic, which changed fundamental assumptions that we all had about how we live our lives. We had to learn quickly how to use new technological solutions to get over these challenges. With home-schooling, the home computer suddenly had a queue. Working from home with video meetings even required us to reorganise our living spaces. We had to understand more about trust, security and use a range of new online tools for remote working and living. And slowly and quietly, we all started to adapt to the new way of working, living and schooling. We all learned how to live like this.

ALL DIGITAL wants to take some time to reflect and consider the implications of (probably) the fastest learning curve of modern times. What are the implications for digital skills education? And for social organisations providing digital education support to people? And finally what are the tools and techniques that unlock societal benefits in our new post-pandemic digital lives.

Digital competences are essential to how we live, learn and work. The confident and critical use of digital technology is key to supporting lifelong learning, active citizenship, employability, and inclusion. Citizens can wield their digital competences to access information and support, access new learning and employment opportunities, be creative and entrepreneurial, find new opportunities and to help others. Digital skills and jobs are a key action area in the EU’s digital strategy (2019–2024) and the 2030 Digital Compass supported by a variety of initiatives announced as part of the European Skills Agenda, European Education Area and Digital Education Action Plan.

ALL DIGITAL seeks to contribute to dialogue, implementation, and co-operation on these and other actions to deliver Europe’s digital future.

This event will look at how digital skills and digital tools also unlock and amplify the subjects of STE(A)M Education and Digital Social Innovation, how they solve real-world problems and add value to the beneficiaries.

Within the event, Chiara Borsini – project manager at EGInA –  present the AMeLiE project on the afternoon of the 13th of October in a 7′ informative session on the project.




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