The European Grants International Academy Srl has a long-term experience in setting up and coordinating strategic partnerships for the implementation of projects financed by public and private funds. EGInA cooperates with a team of project managers expert in the management and reporting of European Commission structural and centralised funds. They all have academic-professional backgrounds in the fields of education and vocational training, digital innovation with social impact, enhancement of cultural heritage and sustainable development.


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PhotoFX, Photos to fight Xclusion


The project aims to involve and develop skills and abilities of young people aged between 16 and 30 years old, in the field of the

Level Up, Digital Skills for Adults with Blue-Collar Occupations


Level Up aims at developing the digital skills of low-skilled adults with blue (or pink)-collar occupations in order to support them to face the digital

QAECVET, Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility

The ECVET Recommendation invites European Countries to apply quality assurance when using ECVET. The main aim of the Project is to enlighten VET stakeholders on

EAER, European Action for Employment in Recovery

Across the EU there are divergent policies on people who use or have used drugs and alcohol. In terms of employability and employment opportunities for

SWEDA, Sustainable Wellbeing Entrepreneurship for Diversification in Agriculture


EU rural areas are changing and one of the factors is linked to a new agricultural model that identifies multifunctionality as central to achieving economic

BIBLIO, Boosting digital skills and competences for librarians in Europe

The digital transformation is changing the role of libraries and library professionals, and it’s not always easy to understand and adapt to it. Our BIBLIO

ECOSLIGHT, Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting

The creation of an Environmentally Conscious Smart Lighting (ECOSLIGHT) Designers training program actively enhances employability and improve career prospects of lighting-related professionals, while also helping

SEPLO Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes

SEPLO stands for ‘Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes’, a two-year European project, funded by the Erasmus Plus, delivered in partnership with 6 European

SCAW NET, Skilled Cooks and Waiters Network

The ‘Skilled Cooks and Waiters Network’ project is a project implemented by the Training Center CES – Macedonia, in cooperation with Insignare (Portugal) and EGInA

ScienceGirls Teenage girls as co-creators of science learning engagement

ScienGirls intende accrescere il coinvolgimento delle studentesse di Scuola Secondaria nello studio delle discipline STEM, sperimentando metodologie didattiche attive e partecipative. Con il supporto della