SCAW NET, Skilled Cooks and Waiters Network

Results of the project

The ‘Skilled Cooks and Waiters Network’ project is a project implemented by the Training Center CES – Macedonia, in cooperation with Insignare (Portugal) and EGInA (Italy). The main goal is to improve young unemployed people’ skills and competencies, connecting them with the requirements and needs of the labour market and employers in the tourism and hospitality sector.
The SCAWNET project aims at:
  • Improving the employability of persons/students in the tourism and hospitality sector;
  • Improving vocational education and training curricula;
  • Providing better access to training and qualifications for all in a lifelong learning perspective;
  • Improving transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications.
The SCAWNET project creates:
  • Training needs analysis report for cooks and waiters,
  • Guidebooks “Art of being a successful waiter”/”Art of being a successful cook”;
  • Policy recommendations.


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