The European Grants International Academy Srl has a long-term experience in setting up and coordinating strategic partnerships for the implementation of projects financed by public and private funds. EGInA cooperates with a team of project managers expert in the management and reporting of European Commission structural and centralised funds. They all have academic-professional backgrounds in the fields of education and vocational training, digital innovation with social impact, enhancement of cultural heritage and sustainable development.


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CO-HOST, Creating Opportunities for VET mobility in HOSpitality and Tourism


The general objective of CO-HOST is to support the realization of mobility projects between EU member states and Western Balkans countries, aimed at the enhancement

EuCitizens Bevagna

The theme of intergenerational confrontation was chosen as a source for the involvement of citizenship and enhancement of local heritage, offering a sharing structure and

AGROGEN, the Mountain Agriculture as an opportunity for Youth

AGROGEN is a strategic partnership for youth that aims to the exchange of good practices in order to offer non-formal, practical, and tailor-made training to

QAECVET, Quality Assurance in ECVET Mobility

The ECVET Recommendation invites European Countries to apply quality assurance when using ECVET. The main aim of the Project is to enlighten VET stakeholders on


GOOD FOOD IS GOOD MOOD is implemented in three European countries (Macedonia, Portugal and Italy) and aims at: Improving the employability of students with less

VETFest, 12 Events for Transnational and National VET networks

The VET sector faces various challenges in its course to progression: limited teamwork and exchange of good practices between VET institutions, low social recognition of

FIVE, Future Improvement of Vocational Education

Project “Future Improvement of Vocational Education” (further FIVE) consists of five Vocational Education and Training centres working with low qualified and unemployed persons. FIVE aims

ENNE, European National Networks for the Enhancement of VET


ENNE is a European Project that supports the establishment of 5 national networks of VET – Vocal Education and Training in all 5 countries involved.

SEPLO Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes

SEPLO stands for ‘Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes’, a two-year European project, funded by the Erasmus Plus, delivered in partnership with 6 European

IntoQuality, Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations Fostering Mobility in Europe

According to the Paper “Promoting the learning mobility of young people” by the European Commission, students’ mobility: Can strengthen students’ employability, as well as their