ADELE, Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe

Résultats du projet

DELE – Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe – is an Erasmusplus KA220 project.

Digital technologies have profoundly changed our personal, professional and educational lives. The changes in the educational landscape due to digital progress are far-reaching and the adult education sector is now exploring new roles, methods and services in lifelong learning to better reach learners and make its services more user-friendly. But how can adult education organisations, especially those in the non-formal education sector, know if they are making the best use of digital technologies?
The Advancing Digital Empowerment of Libraries in Europe (ADELE) project aims to answer this question by offering a free and customisable web-based tool that helps adult education organisations reflect on how they use and where they can further integrate digital technologies to improve their services. The tool developed is based on the SELFIE tool for schools developed by the European Commission with the aim of supporting adult education organisations offering non-formal education. In this way, the tool will help non-formal education organisations to be digitally ready and to look to the future.