I-MEET, International Mobility Experience for E-Tourism

Résultats du projet

I-MEET contributes to respond to the need for acquiring professional knowledge and skills to enable promotional and marketing strategies based on information technology (e-tourism).

The Project aimed to:

  • Encourage the strengthening /acquisition of those skills connected to language communication and digital competence (web development);
  • Acquire or strengthen professional skills through international work-based learning experiences.

Thanks to the project, more than 150 learners of Umbria have the opportunity to attend the vocational course “Marketing, Communication and Web Design”, preparatory to the experience of transnational mobility. 167 learners carry out their work-based learning experiences in Portugal, Spain, Germany, France and Malta. Both the vocational course and the mobility abroad represent a value to the student’s personal growth, through the acquisition/strengthening of transversal, linguistic and digital skills