ENNE+, Enhancing VET National Networks through Ecoinnovation

Resultados do projeto

The ENNE+ project will upscale the good practice of the Social Hackademy Methodology, adapting it to the vocational education and training (VET) system and testing it directly in 4 European countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain and Austria). VET centers will indeed compete nationally and internationally to provide innovative, sustainable and digital responses to social and real needs of their communities.

This will be possible thanks to establishment of Community of Practice (CoP) composed of enterprises, experts, public authorities, civil society organizations, members of the Academia that will cooperate and create synergies to co-create social-innovative solutions. In this way, the project will enhance the capacity of VET providers in contributing to the transformative and sustainable change of their local communities through
networking, capacity building and challenged-based activities in the field of Eco-innovation.


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