The Missing Entrepreneurs, promoting capacity building of Missing Entrepreneurs for inclusive digital entrepreneurship and digital transformation of businesses

Resultados do projeto

The project is based on the latest OECD report on “The Missing Entrepreneurs 2019 – Policies for inclusive entrepreneurship” that highlights the presence of under-represented groups in the field.

The project aims to build a more inclusive culture towards digital start-ups and support the development of digital and entrepreneurship skills among these vulnerable groups in digital entrepreneurship such as women, immigrants, youth and seniors.

To this end, skill gaps are mapped through translational research. A European Academy on Inclusive Digital Entrepreneurship is created.

It includes:

  • A database of entrepreneurship and digital skills online training courses;
  • Available Training modules and digital tools for digital entrepreneurship and digital transformation of businesses.

An awareness-raising campaign will be also implemented, in order to combat the “male digital entrepreneur” stereotype by showcasing a wide range of role models and success stories


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