Project Factory

Egina owns all the skills and professionalism necessary to plan and complete project activities, ensuring a high rate of creativity, innovation and quality in all the proposed solutions.

Unlike many other consultancy firms in the field of European projects, we do not just offer services and products to those interested in accessing the funding opportunity.
On the contrary, our strategy is to undertake co-design paths with strategic partners in order to ensure a higher approval rate of proposals and, above all, the sustainability and scalability of the results obtained with the implementation of the activities.


  • Nonlinear Approach based on Design Thinking to design innovative actions
  • Valorisation of grassroots initiatives with strong social, cultural and environmental impact indicators
  • Definition of long-term strategic plans for shared and multi-channel design pathways


  • Definition of frameworks for research and needs assessment based on the principles and tools of Theory-U (coaching circles)
  • Verification of the benefits to the target audience, the communities they represent, the environment and all stakeholders

Agile project management

  • Coordination of multidisciplinary teams for iterative development and adaptive planning of project phases
  • Direct and continuous involvement of beneficiaries in project development processes


  • Design, implementation and maintenance of websites and web portals, platforms for online collaboration and training
  • Definition of coordinated design images based on the integration between original illustrations and graphic and visual development
  • Digital storytelling, video production and content for immersive reality