Sustainable Innovation

Thanks to the collaboration with numerous national and international institutions and networks, Egina Srl is able to activate a multidisciplinary think tank which is able to meet to the needs of growth and innovation of the different actors of the community, always respecting the principles of sustainable development, equity and social inclusion. Egina does not offer purely profit-oriented consultancy services for their own sake, but it is personally committed to contributing to strategic planning, fundraising and implementation of innovative actions in education, social, cultural, and environmental fields, paying particular attention to the possibilities offered by new digital technologies and ensuring high quality levels and impact on all stakeholders.




Egina has expert technicians on design, management and reporting of actions funded by the National Operational Programme (PON) of the Ministry of Education, University and Research “For School – skills and environments for learning” and by the Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

Our initiatives are aimed both at educators – always keeping a perspective of continuous updating and co-planning of innovative teaching methodologies focused mainly on the enhancement of digital technologies and project-based learning – and at learners, which are involved in such courses, always on the basis that high-quality education and training are fundamental requirements for the achievement of the individual and for the whole community.


We offer capacity building courses and short-term workshops for teachers working in primary and secondary school of first and second degree, youth workers working in the non-formal field and all those who are active in adult education.

Our training courses focus on:

  • Creation of interactive digital learning contents and effective use of online tools and platforms for distance learning;
  • Digital Storytelling and Business Simulation for Global Citizenship Education and awareness raising on the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030
  • Digital technologies and immersive environments for future career orientation and the enhancement of cultural heritage.


Egina supports Higher Secondary Education Institutions through the sharing of PCTO opportunities (school-job experience) in Italy and abroad, to be held in presence, completely online or in blended form. The courses can be scheduled for individual students or groups of up to 10 members, so as to ensure adequate mentoring to achieve the learning outcomes identified at the design stage.

Egina offers different kinds of PCTO opportunities:

  • Work experience at Egina for the implementation and communication of European projects;
  • Participation in national and European competitions on business simulation, co-design of digital solutions, enhancement of local heritage;
  • Digital volunteering for the experimentation of innovative projects with social impact.

School Regeneration
Ministry of Education

EGInA has officially joined the "Green Community" of MIUR, a large green community interested in supporting educational institutions towards the achievement of the goals of the 2030 Agenda and the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.



Egina facilitates the sharing of knowledge and skills for the creation and development of networks and partnerships that can contribute to A systemic change in society in each area of need.
Our projects aim at building a world that reacts quickly and effectively to social challenges and where all individuals have freedom, trust and social support to address any issues and drive change.


As we strongly believe in a “Very inclusive Education”, we had the possibility to carry out numerous training courses and interventions in favour of disadvantaged groups. Unemployment, disability, gender and racial discrimination are issues that our trainers know very well, and they have been able to successfully address and help stem, with interventions focused on adaptability, orientation and social inclusion, just to name a few.


With a constantly growing team, one of our reasons to be proud is to offer opportunities for professional growth to an increasing number of young people aged between 20 and 35. Another added value is the possibility to work with Erasmus+ trainees from all the Member States of the programme.
Egina is a member of CRHACK LAB Foligno 4D, a voluntary association active in the orientation of young people to new opportunities offered by digital transformation.