PRO-LEARN, Fostering children’s learning process and cognitive abilities through holistic approach and innovative methods

Résultats du projet

The PRO-LEARN project responds to the Europe 2020 priorities in the area of education and training, youth and early school leaving in the context of globalization and labour market integration. As EC stated in its communication on tackling early school leaving, education and training systems often do not provide sufficient targeted support for pupils to cope with emotional, social or educational difficulties and to remain in education and training.
The project aims to reduce early school dropout through speed up the learning process, overcoming the shortage of specialists at schools (psychologists, pedagogues) and improving the engagement of parents in the learning processes of their children and the development of their cognitive abilities.
PRO-LEAR enriches scarce offer of free-of-charge and barrier-free tools for diagnosis of cognitive processes and the preferred learning style of children aged 6-14 years old on their own and by their parents and teachers/educators