CrAL, Creative Audiovisual Lab for the Promotion of the Critical Thinking and Media Literacy

Resultados do projeto

CrAL aims to address the insufficient media literacy of young people (14-19 years old) and provide them with the necessary tools to understand the world they live in, cultivate critical thinking and understand the power of their voice.

The project disseminates and scales up the good practice “Creative Audiovisual Writing and Reading” – tested in Italy – in 5 different countries.

CrAL targets young people to reinterpret and guide the production of audiovisual content. Secondary school teachers and trainers will be taught how to educate their students in audiovisual creative reading, writing and production. Parents and community members also are involved as active participants.

The project facilitates the acquisition of skills such as active communication, collaboration, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and self-confidence, and promote the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups.


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