MonA, Museopedagogy and Augmented Reality

Results of the project

The MONA project aims to bring culture closer to young people and especially schools through the creation of an integrated educational programme delivered in four museums in Europe, using modern technologies, with a focus on augmented and mixed reality.

The MONA project hopes to transform the school visit to the museum into a surprising, fascinating and fun learning process through experiential practice and play. The target audience is the whole school community, but especially children, adolescents and teachers in the partner areas.

The Intellectual Outputs of the project aim to achieve:

  • Guide to museum education with the use of modern technologies;
  • A platform for virtual guided tours of the four partner museums;
  • Interactive game with augmented and mixed reality technologies;
  • Application for smart devices combining virtual guided tours and interactive games.

The project consortium consists of 4 museums, 2 schools, 2 universities and 2 technical organisations from 4 European countries.



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