Urban Youth Gardens

Results of the project

The Erasmus plus project “Urban Youth Gardens” was born to bring young people closer to nature. All countries making up this project, are experiencing extensive urbanization resulting in young people becoming more and more detached from nature, agricultural land and farming. Few young people have the possibility and knowledge to grow their own crops also because the spaces they live in does not allow this.

This has resulted in the belief by young people that food grows on supermarket shelves rather than in the fields. This reality is also resulting in the consumption of food that we have no information on its origin, might have travelled long distances to reach us and has also been treated to remain fresh.

This calls for a greater push towards the farm-to-fork concept. Indeed, through our project, the young will be able to make use of place, even if small, in their home, balconies, classrooms, public gardens and rooftops to grow their own crops, herbs and other vegetation. The establishment of common gathering and interaction spaces for young people will also make them develop social bonds with each other, as they lead a beneficial environmental project.



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