Fit4DigiLinE, Fit 4 Digital Linguistic Education

Results of the project

The Erasmus+ project “Fit 4 Digital Linguistic Education” aims at 1) creating a European knowledge of digital competences for language educators and 2) providing the European adult educational landscape with a newly developed online assessment tool.

The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • Increasing competence in digital language education and encouraging the use of digital learning and assessment tools by language teachers;
  • Developing a European wide knowledge base of digital competence connected to personal and social competence;
  • Ensuring the employability and further development of language educators in a digitalised world;
  • Supporting the monitoring of competence for individuals as well as for education providers.

To do so, the partnership cooperating to boost the teaching skills of the target groups with a focus on the specific digital, social and personal competences that language educators should be proficient in.

The e-leaning course on Digital Language Teaching is now available:

Register here

Resources available in all project partners’ languages

We have then developed a self-reflection tool, which will help you reflect on your own skills and knowledge in the field of digital language teaching. The results of this will help inform decisions about which units of the online course would be most useful and/or relevant for you to take.
Following this link, you can have a look at our MOOC, which provides practical demonstrations of how to use digital tools to create and share resources and activities in the language classroom.


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